About Us

At AGT we follow a set of core values that help define our company culture; they define who we are as an organization and provide a guiding path in decision making. It shapes our attitude and guides us in our journey towards leadership position in whatever we do:

Do it efficiently

As a SEO service-based business, we must stay lean and efficient. We recognize that improved efficiency leads to a happier team and customers. We love to add more value to our customers’ money using less time, energy, and resources. We pride in doing it right the first time, every time.

Excellence through pursuit of technical competence

We constantly pursue newer methods of doing our work. The learning at AGT is a continuous process. We encourage innovation and our motto is to “find a better way”. We reward success and recognize failures as inevitable stepping stones for future success.

Leadership through Focus, Process and Pro-activity

We realize our success is dependent on our core competence and we focus meticulously in the chosen area. We love to be proactive and want to seamlessly integrate with each of our customers’ business development team. We focus on the process and apply good engineering practices to deliver services of exceptional quality.


We encourage team work. Our employees are known to be gracious, customer centric and humble. Each of our employee thinks and acts as “employee owners” and the team is self-directed. We work with an objective of providing a conducive environment where motivated team members flourish and perform to their highest potential.

Customer Delight is our only reward

We understand that delighted customer is the only way for long term success and leadership position that we aspire in the industry. We listen carefully, understand customer requirements and concerns correctly and execute projects carefully using well proven processes. At AGT, exceeding customer’s expectation is routine.

Our Mission

  • To give the best value for our customer’s money and be their partner all the way
  • We strive to achieve this through fair means. That is part of our Guiding principle

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