SEM /PPC Services

While it is important to have Search Engine Optimized websites to get top ranking in organic search results, popular search engine companies offer attractive advertisement options as well. Sometimes to achieve quick SEO results it is necessary to go for these advertising techniques.

PPC Advertisement

Pay Per Click (PPC) is the paid ads services that appear at the top of Google, Yahoo!, and Bing search results. Charges are incurred only when a searcher clicks on the ads. These ads are highly effective in driving quality traffic to a website and helping webmasters determine which keywords are most efficient in attracting customers.

Unlike SEO, PPC ads start attracting traffic to websites as soon as the campaign starts. Whereas SEO campaigns can take anywhere from 3 – 6 months before one can start seeing results.

The Need for AGT’s Expertise

It may appear easy to advertise directly through Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter etc and run campaigns. But to optimize results and get the best out of the campaign, you need extensive, continuous analysis and a clear understanding of how to get the best out of a given budget. Our PPC ads services help you by increasing efficiency and freeing your valuable time.

We add human expertise to search technology to derive maximum benefit out of PPC ads. We combine the statistical inputs given by web analytics with our judgment and expertise and suggest alternative options where needed. Successful PPC campaign management involves copy writing skills, Keyword analysis, and competition evaluation and conversion optimization to achieve the best results.

We help with all the below services as part of the SEM and PPC ads

  • Landing Page Design ( 2 or 3 iterations at the max)
  • Complete and detailed keyword analysis
  • Constant monitoring of keywords during campaign
  • Altering keywords carefully to achieve focused results
  • Design of Banners when using display banner ads
  • Fully optimized content for landing pages

For further details, submit your details in the free seo quote form and we can help you with the cost and plans necessary for you based on your competitor analysis results.

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